Friday, June 29, 2007

NoBuffNoHeaL making a history

Where did i got my name NoBoffNoHeaL?
I was a power type shaman way back in Strife server.
I started as a pure pow shaman, my skills includes
Sacrificial Ritual And Breath of Life, same as the full support shaman.
but in reality im a type of shaman that dosnt` heal at all. i remember i was joining a party
in the sports filed of SacredGate "sali k po b ng party?, need po kc namin ng Shaman"
ah i was happy that time joining the party, but in the end "hala d k po pla full support, kick po muna kita need po kc nmin ng healer.I find it hard to level up till i met different people with different personalities in game.
i joined a certain gang which helped me a lot to level until i reached 100. Trinity By GL KcPumba.
tnx for that wonderful gang i had.
it was Friday when the alab Server was launched. Me and my brother decided to transfer and have a new char in alab server. it was painful and very tiring to party and reach the top rank. thats why we decided to have our name as NoBuffNoHeaL a Shaman with no buff and doesn't heal at all. but now in alab server I am a real Buffer And a real healer. It was fast reaching the top ran, and i did enjoy it. Since the 1st day Alab was launched til now my char keeps on healing his party mates.NoBuffNoHeaL making a history!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Ran Online Rankings

As of 6/29/2007

Ran Online has new set of Ranking including the Overall Rankings for every server.

New Server - Wrath

Also the rankings for E-room Defenders has been reset.

Here is the link for the new Rankings